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Work with IndieRV to spread the word about awesome places to go & things to see! Discovering new destinations, events, activities and more is what we love to do! Connect with our team of IndieRV Influencers and expand your reach beyond its current borders throughout the depths of the RV & Travel community through the words and experiences of real people behind trusted brands!

Want to attract more travelers to your Campground, Local Attraction or Travel Business?

Sign-Up to be an IndieRV Travel Partner and let’s get started! Travel Partners are all about marketing their products, services, and brands to travelers who can utilize them. The goal is to expand your reach through our network of Influencers, Scouts and IndieRV Members who naturally spread the word about great travel companies! Get all the details by clicking here or email Partners@IndieRV.com

Travel Destinations, Activities, Events & More

We would love to feature your destination on IndieRV! In fact, we’d love to visit and then spread the word about the amazing experiences we had there personally. Whether you are a Tourism Authority, Local Business, Destination Expert, Tour Operator or Brand Representative we want to work with you! Join forces with IndieRV and we’ll line up one or several influencers to help spread the word!

We can offer media coverage on sponsored trips, activities, tours, itineraries, events and more. Contact media@indierv.com to arrange a consultation or to align the details for 2018 & 2019 visits.

Want to contact us about a specific project or private familiarization trip? Have another type of question?

email media@indierv.com

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