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Mardi Gras Museum

On the outer edge of the French Quarter you can visit this incredible warehouse/production centre where you can find some of the previous floats from Mardi Gras as well as get a lesson on the history and find out about next years themes and how …

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Richard & Anita travel as a family of three plus one canine! They decided 2017 was the year they would hit the open road.  We had never spent a night in an RV prior to purchasing this one and committing to this year.  That about sums up how we roll. We make a decision to do something and then we forge the path forward.  Not to say we don’t get scared or nervous or run into hurdles – it’s still life after all and we are just human but we work super hard not to let the fear or the traditional rules of how things need to be dictate our life. Follow us on our journey as we continue to head up the west coast and explore our home country coast to coast.

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