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IndieRV serves RV content creators with our Influencer program!

There is more than enough amazing destinations, activities, tours and experiences for all content creators plus some! So why haven’t we, as the creators, joined together to penetrate these opportunities yet? Who knows! But one thing is for sure- IndieRV has started a revolutionary program for all RV & Travel bloggers, podcasters, vloggers, writers, photographers, videographers, documentarians, and any other content creator type we left out!

IndieRV is for you!

Let’s unite. Let’s Engage. Let’s Develop a Network where creators have the opportunity to do and see more than we could on our own!

Who are Influencers?

Influencers are lifestyle travelers. People who create a variety of content for their audience. Influencers have a voice and an insiders’ say in shaping not only the IndieRV content but also the image of the brands and companies we work with. We want to work with Influencers who are full-time, part-time, and seasonal travelers looking for a great way to expand their personal reach while having first grabs at some pretty amazing opportunities like press trips and media activities.

What do they do?

Each IndieRV Influencer will have a personal site login, giving them an elite set of tools and resources to deliver their content, find and grab some great opportunities like press trips and media opportunities from our partners, as well as the ability to generate an endless amount of income from affiliate marketing of products, services, memberships, and event registration!

Influencers provide monthly Bucket List items from places they have personally explored. They also scout out new places to go and things to do in the areas they plan travel to during the upcoming year. Through the Influencer Portal, they have the ability to submit activity requests- where IndieRV makes the arrangements for them to visit a destination or complete an activity for FREE or a greatly reduced media rate!

What we do for them?

We will provide the means to secure VIP access to some of the best destinations and activities through our travel partners. Influencers will be able to snatch up these gigs- by simply submitting a request for the trips/activities they want to participate in on a variety of dates, through the Influencer Portal. We will work directly with the travel partner to line up all the details, provide you with a letter of assignment and a specific publication date. Influencers will also receive 15-30% commission on referrals to IndieRV Products, Services, Memberships & Event Registrations.

Read the Influencer Guide for more information before you sign up!

How much is it?

Participation to the Influencer program is limited but we are currently accepting new members! The entry fee is $29 per month

  • 1 Year IndieRV Influencer Membership
  • Influencer Website Badges
  • Web Banners (custom sizes available)
  • Free access to Live events (you only pay for camping at cost)
  • Ability to sell your own products/services in the marketplace.
  • 30% Commission on member referrals
  • Access to Monthly Press Trips & Media Opportunities, Assignment Letters & More.
  • Availability to present seminars at live events and sell products/services/workshops.

Monthly Membership Option

Yearly Membership Option

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