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Guernsey Wagon Ruts

Take a little detour off the beaten path to check out the ultimate beaten path! What is it? As the Oregon Trail led the pioneers westward through Wyoming, the geography of the region forced all their wagons to cross this particular ridge in exactly the …

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Christine Lindstrom is a wife and road-schooling mother of three. She is a teacher, blogger, and freelance writer. She and her family have been living and traveling in a 29-foot travel trailer full-time since 2016, from sea to shining sea. Their last permanent address was in Sweden, where they lived for 10 years before moving back to the US for the freedom to pursue their dream of full-time travel. They love to explore almost anywhere, but prefer natural beauty whenever they can find it. They are big fans of museums and national parks and look forward to sharing their favorites on the IndieRV platform.

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